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Las Vegas Parole Violations Lawyer

You have made it through prison, and are now on your way out. It can be tempting to fully embrace the feeling of freedom that comes from standing on the other side of prison walls. But when you are on parole, there are still rules that must be followed, and one false step can send you back to prison with even greater penalties than before. If you are facing parole violation charges in Las Vegas, contact a Las Vegas criminal attorney immediately.

Your parole officer may report you as violating your parole for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you missed a scheduled meeting, or maybe failed a drug or alcohol test. A good criminal defense lawyer knows that, more often than not, parole violations occurred because of circumstances beyond your control. Your attorney can build a strong case in your defense, focusing on the rehabilitative steps you have taken and how they overshadow any steps backward along the way.

A parole hearing is unlike normal criminal trials, adhering to its own set of rules. Even the most skilled trial lawyer may still flounder in parole court. For this reason, it is important to find a criminal defense attorney with significant experience in parole hearings to represent you.

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Our Las Vegas criminal attorneys have successfully defended clients in Las Vegas and surrounding counties against all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including probation and parole violations. Don’t let one mistake erase all of your dedication and hard work. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Las Vegas criminal attorney today.