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A Las Vegas Criminal Attorney

Las Vegas Robbery Defense Lawyer

Robbery is a serious crime that carries serious penalties if you are convicted. If you are facing robbery charges in Las Vegas, contact a Las Vegas criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Unlike other types of theft, robbery—whether it is breaking & entering, carjacking, or mugging—is defined by violence. Even unarmed robbery is usually perpetrated through threats or force, but armed robbery can have dangerous and even fatal results. Because of these risks, court systems rarely have mercy on individuals accused of robbery. If you are facing a criminal trial for robbery, you may feel hopeless, but you do have options for a strong defense. The best way you can protect yourself is to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who can match the aggression of prosecutors and prove your case.

Our Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer Has Years of Experience

Our Las Vegas criminal attorneys have successfully defended clients in Las Vegas and surrounding counties against all types of felony and misdemeanor charges, including robbery and other theft crimes including:

Our firm is fully dedicated to every case we take on. We will investigate your circumstances, examine the evidence thoroughly, and work with expert witnesses to build you a strong defense and tirelessly advocate your rights and freedoms. Don’t let a robbery charge ruin your life: fight back with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight hard for the best outcome possible. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Las Vegas criminal attorney today.